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Controversy in Italy: a video of Tiktok hunt an 8 -year -old boy driving Honda Vfr800 of 104 hp and without a helmet

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Roberto Rodríguez @RobertoMontijo

Social networks are loaded by the devil, and this imprudence can be very expensive to who has been responsible.A Tiktok user in the Italian city of Palermo has hunted an 8 -year -old driving a high hobcoto motor motorcycle.

The child specifically drives a Honda VFR800, a 104 hp motorcycle.A recklessness that will have severe consequences, because the video has been viralized immediately and the Italian Minors Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation to purify the responsibilities of the incident.

The adult who smokes at the back of the motorcycle is a family friend and has already been fined

Polémica en Italia: Un vídeo de TikTok caza a un niño de 8 años conduciendo Honda VFR800 de 104 CV y sin casco

Apparently, the adult who accompanies the kid is not his father, but a family friend who probably does not leave him in the care of his son.Even so, it is not clear if the Minors Prosecutor's Office can somehow punish parents for allowing their child to assume such a risk, even if it was under the responsibility of the friend.

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The Honda Vfr800 is a very powerful motorcycle that comes to deliver 104 hp to 10.250 rpm, and has a couple of 75.1 nm to 8.500 rpm.An improper beast for an 8 -year -old boy.We do not know what could be happening to this man to allow the child to get to the handlebar, but the madness will cost him face.The most bitter cigar of his life.

Palermo Oreo police have already fallen since the videos can easily be seen, so they have located the motorcycle without problems.The man presumes with absolute naturalness of how well the child leads to the momentary custody, of which he will probably not enjoy again.

These types of incidents lead to reflecting on the benefits or damages of social networks.Being constantly under the sword of Damocles of foreign surveillance is a burden, but it helps identify authentic crazy people as this individual before it causes irreparable damage.The danger was extreme.

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