By clothing-bag, 11/07/2022

I am eight children and this is the huge pantry we need for our children, we even have three refrigerators and six freezers.

When you have a large family, you will need a lot of storage space in your home.

So think about the mother of 10, Heather Bell, who needs three refrigerators, six freezers and a huge pantry to store food for his abundant offspring.

In a video in his account @subjecthebells10, he lifted the lid of his large life.

He showed the interior of his huge food store and said: "My husband built more shelves for our food."

The great pantry can be seen with a floor shelves stacked as a supermarket with bottles to feed the troops.

He also uploaded a clip of things that make sense in his family of 10.

These included having a stable of 4,000 chickens to stay economically.

They also have an ice hockey track in the rear garden that becomes a basketball court.

Soy mamá de ocho hijos y esta es la enorme despensa que necesitamos para nuestros hijos, incluso tenemos tres refrigeradores y seis congeladores.

He also joked that they have rooms that are a disaster all the time, hundreds of shoes thrown through the house and an endless battery of dirty clothes.

The mother added: "Three refrigerators and six freezers to feed our family of 10".

Heather regularly shares details of his excellent online progeny and offers a look at his hectic family life.

In a clip, she revealed that she and her husband met 28 years ago when she shared a snapshot of them in her youth.

"The man I met 28 years ago when we were children," he wrote on the screen.

Then he showed a series of images that showed his family of ten now, writing: «Doctors said we could never have our own children.

"But we not only had a child, but we adopted another 7 children."

In a separate video, Heather revealed that she and her husband spent many years trying to get pregnant and, when they couldn't, they decided to adopt their first baby.

But after eight years of trying and having already adopted five children, they were pregnant with a biological son, Gideon.

Then they adopted two other boys, raising the total of six boys and two girls, who are now between 13 and 21 years old.

The fun family now has almost 100,000 followers on the platform, all of which tune in to see the Bell family.

Heather recently revealed his intelligent washing system that helps the family stay aware of their washing.

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