By clothing-bag, 13/07/2022

Millennials prefer comfort to seduction, so Victoria's Secret's sexy strategy makes less and less sense

The current crisis of the famous underwear, Victoria's Secret.

And this is precisely what many industry experts attribute the main problems of Victoria's Secret - young women no longer want to wear sexy underwear just to please men.

"Young people are beginning to question the brands that incorporate the sexual image of women," says Trends consultant and Fashion Expert Karolina Landowski, in an interview with Business Insider.

This change in attitude is largely reflected in the company's sales figures: Victoria Secret Market share dropped from 33% to 24% between 2016 and 2018, and 53 stores will close this year only in the United States.In addition, a survey conducted by Yougov in 2018, among young people aged 18 to 49, showed that it was increasing the negative perception of the Victoria's Secret brand.

Even shareholders have reproached the company to adapt to the current social climate.In a letter addressed to the company's CEO, James A. Mitarotonda de Barrington Capital Group wrote: "The brand image of Victoria's Secret is beginning to seem outdated and even a bit deaf by not being aligned with the evolution of the attitudes of the attitudes of thewomen towards beauty, diversity and inclusion. "


Was Victoria's Secret lost these social changes while they happened, or simply the company decided to ignore them?Does the rest of underwear awaits the same?

Richard Federowski, a partner of the consultant Roland Berger, does not attribute the crisis only to the change of social attitudes: "The women's clothing market has been relatively constant, it has even decreased slightly since 2008. So, in part, it also has to do withWith the fact that it has always been a hard battle among competitors. The average price segment, in particular, is currently feeling the pressure, "Insider told Business.Victoria's Secret is in this medium price range.

Las millennials prefieren la comodidad a la seducción, por lo que la estrategia sexy de Victoria's Secret cada vez tiene menos sentido

However, Federowski also recognizes the change towards a simpler and more comfortable lingerie, saying: "I think many women still want some pieces of sexy lingerie, but now they are looking for something that is functional, comfortable and, unfortunately, affordable."

Fashion expert Landowski agrees that women still want to use attractive lingerie, adding that there will always be a "client who wants to continue with the sexy image of a woman."

Pero los expertos están de acuerdo en que ahora las mujeres buscan principalmente ropa interior que no sea complicada, cómoda y sutil, y en muchos casos más barata. "Muchas marcas, como Uniqlo, H&M, Primark u otros especialistas en lencería como Hunkemöller o Lascana, se han convertido en grandes competidores de muchas marcas tradicionales y han cambiado definitivamente el mercado de la lencería", cuenta Federwoski.

There is a tendency towards simplicity, not only among low-cost providers, but also in the most expensive lingerie, says Landowski."Even the products that cost the most have become transparent and simple," he says.This would go hand in hand with a general carefreeness of society.Today, for example, you can wear sneakers with a pretty work dress or yoga pants in a coffee to have coffee.

It is no accident that the underwear brands that made the basis of their fortune marketing "the ideal woman" have entered into crisis.In 2017, the British brand agent provocateur, known for its extremely provocative ads, had to declare bankruptcy.It was finally bought by Four Holdings.Although the design team has not changed, Agent Provocateur has reinvented itself, trusting a new image: something more shameless and playful, but less voyeurist."The lingerie does not have to be serious. It must be fun, playful and empower women," said Agent Provocateur creative director Sarah Shotton, in an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

Has Agent Provocateur responded better to the social changes that Victoria's Secret?Apparently, Victoria's Secret was recently attacked, after being accused of copying British brand designs.On Instagram, several weeks ago, "Diet Prada" published a photo of a agent provocateur support and a similar -aspect Victoria's Secret support, adding: "How many coffin nails do we need before we can call Victoria's Secret dead?"In fact, both products are very similar.

What specific type of lingerie, supposedly copied Victoria's Secret to Agent Provocateur?It is what is known as "BALETTE".In 2016, The Wall Street Journal wrote that the Bralettes tendency began the decline of Victoria's Secret.The brand continued to depend largely on the padded flexions and models, while Calvin Klein conquered the market with its bralettes.

In the first quarter of 2017, the sale of Push-Up fasteners collapsed 50% in the US and Europe, according to Edited analysts, while sales of functional models such as bustiers and sports fasteners increased by an amazing 120%.Victoria's Secret also focuses on more comfortable models, but they have not highlighted much among buyers.

El experto en moda Landowski dice que la marca holandesa Love Stories, que acaba de lanzar una colección con H&M este verano, lo que indica un buen ejemplo del nuevo tipo de ropa interior que las marcas deben buscar: sin colgantes, sin acolchado y con diseños juguetones y delicados. Su lencería es muy diferente a la que estamos acostumbrados a ver en los modelos de Victoria's Secret, también conocidos como los VS Angels. De hecho, a principios de este año, una modelo de Victoria's Secret dejó caer que la marca ya no celebraría su extravagante desfile de moda.

Landowski naturally explains what Victoria's Secret is very aware of little by little: "Not all women want to look like an angel (like the angels of Victoria's Secret)."