Sevilla FC: Wolves vs Sevilla: Jesús Navas, a gold captain |
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Sevilla FC: Wolves vs Sevilla: Jesús Navas, a gold captain |

El Sevilla se ha citado con la historia. Cuando jugadores, cuerpo técnicos y el puñado de directivos que tiene acceso a los estadios hacía la maleta el domingo por la noche en su casa, no sabían si llevar para dos días o para doce. El cuerpo les pedía echar ropa de verano, invierno y lo que se tercie, confiando en que el conjunto andaluz está destinado, en esta temporada repleta de sobresaltos, a inscribir nuevamente su nombre en la historia de la competición. Cinco títulos de la Europa League no han sido suficientes. Los jugadores que ya la han ganado alardean ante el resto de que uno no sabe lo que es el amor verdadero hasta que besa su copa.Sevilla FC: Wolves vs Sevilla: Jesús Navas, un capitán de oro | Sevilla FC: Wolves vs Sevilla: Jesús Navas, un capitán de oro |

Players like Fernando, with Porto, Escudero (1), Éver Banega (2) and Jesús Navas (2) have savored the honeys of triumph in the second continental tournament.Between '10' Argentino and Captain Palaciego they take four of the five titles that Sevilla venerates in its trophies room.Only the 2014 Cup remains desert, which with the departure of Carriço in February was left without legal tutors of its conquest in the locker room.Éver will not be able to overcome the Portuguese in matches played in this competition -41 to 37-, but to match it with a third title, such as a Jesus Navas who continues to blow candles: gold weddings in the Europa League.

UEFA Cup and Europa League to be precise, since the Sevillista captain has defending the shirt of the Hispanic team since 2003 and to the format of the Fetish competition of Sevilla has been modified to look a little more to his older sister, thatChampions that Sevilla himself will return next season.50 games of Jesús Navas in the Europa League, with their peak moments in the 2006 and 2007 finals against Middlesbrough and Espanyol, respectively.To this we must add the 30 of the Champions that you have already played with the Nervionense Club -you grow its numbers with the City-.Seville's life history.Man like none to count the transformation of a club to which the greatness of his past blushed his hesant present, until he found the secret formula of success.

Sevilla FC: Wolves vs Sevilla: Jesús Navas, un capitán de oro |

Because Jesús Navas, with his 525 games behind him, perfectly embodies the nerve philosophy of the never enough, you can always get something more.He raised six titles until 2010 with Sevilla and has already overcome a decade - for a few months - without singing again with emotion raising a drink.It is one of the last challenges that you have left, along with going to a great tournament again with the selection and take off your boots when you really don't have energies to climb the band.

Tonight, in Duisburg, he will captain his Seville again towards a new challenge, which is none other than to get as much as possible towards a new European sapter.His companions have blind faith in his captain, an absolute example of the never surrenders.

Respect for Wolverhampton

They have not tired of repeating in Nervión, in private messages and others launched so that the fans gathered them, that it is of no use to time if it does not defeat the Wolverhampton.The great sensations in the victory against Rome have unintentionally covered that each rival that reaches the rooms can make you a broken and send you home.Lopetegui and above all Monchi, who leads these causes on what messages to launch, have repeated until satiety that without humility there is no triumph.

For this reason, Sevilla players are warned of what role they should play tonight to the English adversary, with good players, undoubted individual talent, but less jointly or harmonious than Sevilla is shown on the grass.Rui Patricio, Moutinho, Rubén Neves, Adama Traoré and scorer Raúl Jiménez are the main threats.

Julen Lopetegui, who knows that he is a few steps to round the best year of his career on the benches, will maintain the base of the team that surpassed Rome.He liked the team so much that he only made a substitution until the length.The moment of truth.The German August has reserved for Seville a fortnight of successes.And with the child turned into an eternal captain.