By clothing-bag, 16/09/2022

Should you get rid of your underwear every six months?

A recently viral tik tok indicates that underwear should be thrown away every six months, but is this the correct rule? Do you really have to throw out your underwear with this periodicity?

According to several American obstetricians, the answer is no, there is no rule that says that every six months you should renew your undergarment wardrobe.

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So, if it's not every six months, what is the periodicity to replace underwear? According to Mary Jane Minkin, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine, while there is no official guide for undergarment renewal, as long as it's clean it shouldn't cause major problems.

Indicates that each person can decide when it is time to change their underwear and renew it. He adds that to ensure underwear is clean and free of fecal matter, it should go through at least one hot water wash cycle, which should be enough to kill any stubborn bacteria.

Should you get rid of your underwear every six months?

Underwear is "clean" even if it still has a visible stain after going through a hot wash cycle.

However, he clarifies that if you are fighting a fungal infection you should look to wear cotton clothing, which is more breathable but even this clothing will still be useful after a thorough wash and can later be used normally until to fall apart or deform and no longer offer support.

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In conclusion, experts say there is no reason to change all your underwear every six months.

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