By clothing-bag, 07/04/2023

The classic mistakes when wearing colored jeans

FashionColored jeans have had quite an interesting history and we've learned the basic mistakes to avoid in outfits with them.

By Jorge Perez

It's interesting that, despite the fact that colored jeans have been on our radar for several decades, we're still so attached to classic navy blue or different shade versions of that blue. Although there have been moments in which the love for variations has exploded (as in the 80's or at the beginning of the century), we remain attached to blue.

However, there are some who do like a change in terms of their jean pants and opt for colored jeans, and with so much history behind it we know the classic mistakes when wearing them, and we decided to list them. Beware.

Colors that are too bright

When it comes to colored jeans, it is better to bet on dark tones and avoid bright or loud colors. They were briefly in style in the early 2000s, and don't look as solid as other materials. In the office, particularly, they can look quite awkward and too flashy. In these cases, to use those colors, it is best to choose chinos or another type of material that looks better with that color. Also, in denim it wears out even faster giving an uncomfortable look.

White with colored underwear

Do you want to wear white jeans? If they're tight (and even in the regular fit), some jeans might show through because of the color. It depends on the type of jean, if it is not of good quality it is more likely to happen, but in these cases it is best to wear white or underwear in your skin tone. If you've checked and the denim is thick enough to keep everything else from showing through, all good.

Bad combinations

The classic mistakes when wearing colored jeans

Of course, this is one of the main errors. Basic blue jeans are very easy to combine with everything, regardless of whether they are light or dark, but when using colors the rules change a bit. Try to stick with the basic combinations, making sure the sneakers also fit with the outfit. If it's a very casual look, it may not matter, but if you're aiming for smart-casual, mix those earthy colors or green tones for a more serious outfit.

Washing them too much

Another basic mistake of any kind of jeans is washing them too much. We already mentioned that colored jeans are more prone to fading, so it's important to give them a gentle washing process that doesn't fade too soon as they'll look really bad. Try to wear them several times before washing and check the washing instructions. If it recommends against using a washing machine, skip it altogether and opt for a lighter option, such as a manual method.

The Wrong Shoes

We already mentioned the wrong pairing thing, but beyond that it's important to stick to the jean-with-shoes rules by completely avoiding patent leather, the ones that look too much showy, or the pointed ones. Aim for others like chelsea, or better for sneakers with other colors that give the outfit more shine.