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Unveiling the method: twelve testimonies of harassment against Frank Pérez-Garland


    A man of harmless appearance writes a movie.Educated in the exclusive Immaculate Heart and at the University of Lima, with a compound surname and affable face.A man of harmless appearance writes and directs a film in a country where it is uncommon to do it.It was 2005 when he premiered his first film.Applause and piphs.Fame.Sentimentally and in different times with two recognized actresses, this man, disciplined smoker, depressive confessed, procaz when speaking, friend of many - too many -, authorized voice in competitions and film festivals.teacher.Famous and respected, strange shyness and short hair.Of complement that is easily reddled with complexion.

    Who would dare to think that this man would also be a sex stalker?

    The testimonies

    The university professor: What excites you?

    Frank Pérez-Garland Gamio, who in October of this year 46 years old, is a renowned Peruvian filmmaker.He has directed the films one day without sex, she and him, Margarita, crazy love, among others.The latter is one of the five highest grossing film in the history of Peruvian cinema.My problem with women, series that he directed and could be the title of this report, was nominated for the Emmy TV awards.While criticism does not usually support it, it enjoys fame and power in the film industry.

    He has worked as a teacher in several educational centers, including the Toulouse Lautrec Higher Education Institute, the University of Sciences and Arts of Latin America (UCAL), and the School of Film and Visual Arts of Lima (EPIC).It is in these institutions where, according to the testimony, some of the facts that will be narrated below occurred.


    Eleven years ago, in 2009, Paola received a text message.The sender was his teacher.Both were in the classroom.The class had started.

    -He wrote and put me: what rich tits you have.I read it and scared.

    During the break, Paola was in search of Carmen, her best friend, and told her what had happened.

    -I was surprised.I don't know if I had acted different now, but at that time I did not answer, Paola recalls.

    The teacher explained to his students what his work method consisted.Its purpose was to promote exercises that allow students to explore sexuality from a creative level.Paola, then 19, did not imagine that this message would be the beginning of a fatal cycle.So, the summer was imposed, Paola stopped wearing a scarf t -shirts.

    She studied audiovisual communication at the Toulouse Lautrec and Frank Pérez-Garland Institute, she says, was the teacher who sent her that text message.As part of the work method he proposed, it was imperative to plan custom advice with the students.These meetings were held by Skype, an application used, mainly, to perform video calls.

    In one of those advice, Paola narrates that something that would mark her training happened.When he turned on the screen, he did not see the face of Frank Pérez-Garland.

    -I ask me to review the task for Skype and I was alone in my house.Asks me to do it by Skype.I told him that.I thought it was to review the task.I turn on the camera and the straw was running (masturbating).I immediately say: What a chucha do you have!What's the matter!He screwed up.He told me: But you're already big, what's wrong with, if we are friends.And I remember saying: hey, you know what? Turn off that.I wanted to leave and he told me: But aren't you going to show me your tits?I did not answer.I cut and sent him an email telling him: we better talk.If we are going to talk about Chamba, let's talk about Chamba here, because I feel uncomfortable.

    It would not be the only one, nor the last one, that that image would see on its screen.

    In subsequent advice, he asked Carmen not to leave her alone.Every time I had a night advice with him via Skype, he went to Carmen's house.She was next to her, she felt sure.

    -I was already dead of fear.I was afraid.Before I felt humiliated, small, but at that time I was afraid, fear, fear.Not know what to do.I mean, I didn't even know who to tell him, or what position to take.I had no idea.The truth that I had no idea what to do.Every time I had to do something about the project, there was always Carmen with me.Every time I had to talk to Frank, there was Carmen with me.

    Carmen remembers that moment of their lives.Both were 19 years old.Frank, 35.

    -Paola told me: hey, I don't stay alone with him.I need you to be.And I said yes, tell me when you need.Here I am.We have always tried to take care of ourselves.

    One night, both were studying at Carmen's house.She beat her sleep.Paola couldn't sleep.Frank Pérez-Garland, his teacher, had planned night advice.

    - She came at night to work her project.We bought soda, cigarettes and we had a hike here, in my room, doing its project, recalls Carmen.

    Upon waking, Paola told him that, while he slept, Frank Pérez-Garland had proposed to do a trio.

    -Carmen fell asleep behind mine, but I felt sure she is behind mine.I kept advancing with him, as if going out of the subject and wanting to finish my project.In a moment, he told me: Hey, we should do a trio with Carmen.You know that your project has come out because I chose it, thanks to me your project is being done.I told him that I had to go, but I got out of that situation.

    The next morning, he told Carmen.

    -It is a normalized medium that men lack respect for women.You get used to living with shit, right?And I think that's why you say it, I think it's that.I mean, I remember.I was eight years old when he stopped a taxi to ask me a direction.I approached to see the direction and a man was masturbating.And I was eight years old.So, you get used to living with that, because men live in us lacking all the fucking life, Carmen reflects, when reviewing those years.

    Rocío, Carolina and Micaela

    Four years after the experience that Paola narrates, the first Lima Film School (Epic) would be inaugurated in the Barranco district.The following year, Rocío enrolled.In the first cycle, he took the audiovisual narrative course I, where they were organized by groups and left them as a task to record an interview with a film director.Rocío, 18, went along with his group to the house of Frank Pérez-Garland, who at that time already bordered the 40.

    -We have home and behaved super friendly.Rather, too pleasant, remember.

    During the recording, she was behind cameras.

    -I didn't speak, I didn't even ask the questions.

    He felt "super fearful, super rocky, fear of making mistakes".

    He assures that at no time he interacted with the film director.However, when I got home, I had a new friendship request on Facebook.It was him.

    -Then, I accept it, obviously.I accept it super excited, and he writes to me and tells me something like: I see that on your Facebook you are much more open, more extroverted, but you seemed very quiet.

    After having invited her, without success, to the cinema, and writing during the nights, Rocío received a message that does not forget.

    -It's telling me what I'm doing.I told him I was in my room.He asks me: in what part of your room are you?And me: in my bed.He asks me: What are you wearing?I answer: I'm in pajamas.He asks me: What color is your underwear?

    Rocío understood where that conversation was going.

    -In that moment, at the moment that asks me about what color is my underwear, I remember having chuckle.I realized that he was a 40 -year -old man, who was 18, who was a married film director and did not understand why he was asking me that.I had seen me once in life, I hadn't spoken to me, it had been for university job.I remember having an annoying, too annoying with him.At that time, I blocked it from my social networks and I was scared.

    Soon, the cycle ended.And in August it was the restart of classes.This time, Rocío had to bring audiovisual narrative II.As if it were a bad dream, Frank Pérez-Garland was the teacher in charge of imparting the course.Rocío could block it from Facebook, but not of real life.Remember that, seeing it during the first day of school, it was stunned.However, Frank Pérez-Garland behaved as if he didn't know her.

    -At the beginning, he was super friendly with the whole class, as youth, says Carolina, who also took that course.

    In the first week of classes, Carolina received a Facebook friend application.It was Frank Pérez-Garland.

    -I spoke to me immediately after the class, or after the class to ask me for my opinion about the course, about how I had seen it as a teacher.To ask me about my private life.

    Carolina lived near the Studies Center.

    -I repeatedly proposed to take me to school.I always refused, I never went to school with him.

    Then, he identified situations that he catalogs as strangers.

    -In class he raised exercises.Like we told him what excited us.He always tried to bring the theme of the class to the sexual.We had to record a short film, and he told us that he was going to have individual meetings with each one, but that, as time did not reach the class, they were going to be Saturday at home, for which it was mandatoryyour house and have an individual meeting.That, if we were not going, we walked.That premise was super clear, almost threatening.That, if you did not go to that meeting, you pull the course.

    The proposed exercise was to write what you like, what is sad and what excites you.

    -You were very rare.That is, we were in the second cycle of the race, people who had just left school.So, it was like a 40 -year -old man is asking you what excites you from nowhere, obviously always 'patchery' that in the artistic world one has to investigate inside oneself, of his emotions, that one has to do aSearch with the sexual, because the sexual is connected to the mind.I mean, I remember perfecto de eso.

    Carolina, Rocío and her other classmates went that Saturday and at times other than Frank Pérez-Garland's home, located in La Aurora, Miraflores.The shifts were individual.That is, in the advice only the teacher and the student participated.The teacher and the student.

    Rocío devised a plan.He called Micaela, who also had the course, and proposed to be at the door of the teacher's house.They would arrive at the same time, they would upload together, they would read their texts together, and they would leave together.

    -When I arrived, a girl from my class left Frank's house.Micaela and I were down.He told us that she had wanted.

    Rocío was afraid of being alone with him.

    -When this girl tells me that, I said: in no way, I have to invent something.I touched the bell and said: I'm going to go up with Micaela, need urgent internet because you need to send a job.He left me, but made her be in a room other than mine.I was on the terrace and did not let her go to the terrace.Made her be in a room.A screen separated us.

    The terrace was the place where these advice were held.

    -We are standing and tells me: Well, read the list.

    Rocío does not remember exactly what he had written.What does remember is what happened when he finished reading.

    -In that moment, he grabbed my arm, looked at me and said: Rocío, look at me.Rocío, we know each other before, we must not deny it.I say: yes, we know each other from before.I remember what I told you and I know perfectly that you told me, I do know you.He grabs and tells me: And you can accept, right now that we are looking into the eye, that there is an obvious sexual tension between us two?I wanted to kill.I am disgusted, really disgust.I grabbed and said no, there is no tension.I remember having looked down, how to see and say no, there is no sexual tension between us two.

    The previous cycle, Micaela had been harassed by another teacher, also film director.That experience marked it.When she was a student of Frank Pérez-Garland, he did his best to have a "super grim" relationship.

    -It did not want to go to the Chacota, or the fucking.I never tried to ask him something out of class or tried to start some kind of amical relationship with him out of classes.

    When he finished advising Rocío, he asked Micaela to enter.So it was.

    Micaela read the list of what generated joy.He continued to tell what he was sad.Finally, the third question approached superficially.I didn't want to share with him what was excited.

    Remember that the teacher explained that it was a very important writing exercise.

    -To they can write and not be afraid, something like that told me.Don't be afraid to write about what you want to write.He told me: You could make the list right now, remember more things and finish the list now.

    So it took a few minutes to enlarge that list.At the end, he read it again.

    -I read it.I remember that I began to smoke with him.All that time we were sitting in the chair of the terrace and said: You like to throw, right?I laughed.I told him?He told me: Do you like to throw, right?For what you have written.And I said: I don't understand why you tell me that.

    Pérez-Garland explained that, as a teacher, he was trying to help her.

    -I was frozen, honestly.I was cold, I didn't know what to answer.He told me: Look, don't worry.I touched my hand and said: Whenever I see you in class you never answer, I feel that you don't want to be part of the class.I need you to develop.

    Already at school, a group of students of the course gathered to talk about what had happened on the terrace of Frank Pérez-Garland's house.

    -Evently many of us conclude that Frank towards that with all us.Obviously, something was not right, Micaela highlights.I no longer went to class, I no longer wanted to go to classes with Frank, recalls.

    Rodrigo was 20 when he approached to greet his friends and learned what happened.

    -The truth is that I was very cold.I told them: What are they going to do?And they told me they were going to talk to the Epic administration.

    The next thing he learned is that Frank Pérez-Garland was no longer a teacher.

    -If you do that as a teacher, you will definitely do that as a film director, Rodrigo mentions.When you are running, everyone is listening to you, because you are the director.You are the orchestra director, basically.So, you have a command voice about people.

    While Rodrigo was supportive, Carolina remembers that not all his companions supported them.

    -All played against us.My classmates began to shout that it was because of us that they had lost a great teacher, because we believed that I wanted with us.And how was I going to love with us, if he was with Vanessa Saba.

    Vanessa Saba.Exmodel, actress, screenwriter, co-writer and wife of Frank Pérez-Garland.Probably, the Peruvian woman to whom in her life - in newspapers, show programs and beauty competitions - have repeated that she is beautiful.


    Two years later, in 2016, the University of Sciences and Arts of Latin America (UCAL) hired Frank Pérez-Garland as a teacher.

    Tatiana's lover used to miss classes and she was in charge of justifying her faults with the famous teacher.

    -At the beginning I liked, his personality gave me confidence.

    Tatiana never met her father and considers that that may have influenced the link she built with Pérez-Garland.The year he met him, she was 20 years old.Frank, 42.

    -I have family problems, especially with my dad and I feel that such problems drove me to see him not like my dad, but as a person who protected me in a certain way at the beginning, but then, when he turned to something perverse, I feel that it affected me a lot.

    She saw a friend in her teacher.

    -I had become a little close to him because at the beginning of our teacher-student relationship I told him several things about my partner.He was comprehensive.So, it gave me the confidence of telling him my things.

    Until an episode occurred that, just remembering it, generates anxiety.

    -An day I was at my house and I think I asked him about a task on Facebook Messenger.I asked him something and he answered me.After a while, he asked me what I was doing.I say: nothing, in my house, in my bed.I don't remember exactly if he told me something else before asking what I'm going to say, but being a normal conversation of a task, he became ... he asked me first what color my underwear was and then what kind of underwear was using.

    Tatiana felt uncomfortable.

    -I don't know what to answer.I stayed a little frozen and shock.I felt a little intimidated, because he was like my teacher.I didn't know if I was going to create a bad relationship between us if I sucked it, or something like that.I remember that I told him anything.From there he told me that he was masturbating thinking about me and that, the last times that I had been at the university, I looked very rich.I felt like that was not play.I do not remember if I blocked it or I simply did not answer him again, but at the University he did not even want to approach, as I felt that he spoiled all that confidence that I had.

    However, I had to continue going to classes.Otherwise, they disapproved the course.

    Develar el método: doce testimonios de acoso contra Frank Pérez-Garland

    -I didn't know how to drive in class, because I clearly had to go to his classes to spend the course.Sometimes I felt uncomfortable to talk to him, or simply see him at the university.In fact, I didn't look for him to speak, so I think the one who changed his attitude was me, completely.I really don't know if he changed or not.In fact, we distance ourselves, but after that I did not want to have contact with him.I avoided everything.If I could not see the face all class, I did it

    But I could not against the University's curriculum, so he saw it again in the tenth cycle, when he took the film management course.

    As in Epic, in Ucal he also left them to write a list.What makes you happy, what is sad and what excites you.

    -When he gave us the task of making the list that I tell you, it was supposed to find a topic to make a script.We were supposed to choose a script or two scripts for the end of the course to record a short film.After making the list, we chose an issue and invited us to his house to make advice.We could meet at home or somewhere else, but they were out of classes and UCAL.

    Tatiana went to the teacher's house to receive advice.However, the previous experience demotivated her enough to leave behind the dream of writing a script.

    -He made it difficult for the previous experience to have to go home and have to meet him.I felt so uncomfortable to have to play that issue with him, even with everything that had happened, that I decided not to do it and in the end I did not write any script.I have realized that it marked me and, later, it made me feel super anxious.


    Marisol had a similar experience.She remembers that her mother asked her, distrustful, how much she talked to the teacher, who called her during the nights.

    -My mom told me that it was not normal to call me so late, ten, eleven at night or for so many hours.I told him that we were talking about my interests, of cinema and that it was fine because I really believed that it was fine.Made me feel that I had talent.I do not remember exactly the first time he started asking me about what color my underwear was, because it started, but I know it was in that year, 2016, because he told me it was a game he did with her work friends.

    At that time, Marisol was a student of the UCAL.When Frank asked about the underpantness, she was surprised.

    -A see that the game did not follow him, he apologized a lot of times.He told me that I didn't want to bother me, that it is with her friends.So, if I had already believed that I had talent, now it made me believe that I was her friend.Surely because of his guilt, his excessive apologies or what I know, he told me that he had recommended me to a producer and that it was the opportunity of my life.

    With that new job, new demands also arrived.

    -I began to ask me photos.I asked me for photos of my legs, he told me that I was indebted, that I was indebted to him, because, of course, he referred to that I had a movie job thanks to him.


    Violet conoce esa sensación.That year, he took the film management course at UCAL.Pérez-Garland was his teacher.

    -He said that during the process we all write scripts, and three scripts were going to be selected.The process he does is for you to stop in front and tell the story, and the people who like your story are going to join you like your team.So, of all the scripts, three were selected.Within those three, I was and two other girls.Three women directors.

    The script was based on a personal experience.Frank Pérez-Garland was aware of it.

    -It's how psychologically it works and wants to go inside, right?First, he wants to know you deeply so that he can help you in the script process, how can the dialogues be, because the script has to be personal.So, the more personal the story is, it will be better what you represent through camera, that is her theory.

    -And what do you think of your theory?

    -It's convincing, but I think no teacher would ask you what excites you to be able to do a script process.

    Violet fue notando un cambio en la actitud del profesor.

    -I always put my margin.And I think Frank did not like him to try in messages or he tries a way to seduce, but I did not give in.

    This refusal, he says, made the teacher lose the interest of teaching him.

    -I was giving him the stop: with me it is not, with me or try it.

    Luego de varios intentos, Violet logró que Pérez-Garland le apruebe el guion.A day before the recording of the short film, he received an email that would change his plans.

    -When everything was ready, he sent me an email saying that he was no longer recording.Everything was ready to film.The next day was the end, I was already going to record the short, all the actors were ready, but I canceled me.

    According to Pérez-Garland, he had made a mistake when approved that script. Violet, quien siempre ha estado dentro de los diez primeros puestos de su promoción, sintió una enorme frustración.

    -When he said not by mail, it was impossible.Simply because I don't let me gaze, because I don't follow your games.I imagine that I did not serve him in his game, so what to invest in me?

    Rocío fue parte del equipo que grabaría el cortometraje dirigido por Violet.Remember that they sold food to pay some production expenses.They did well.In fact, they were ready to start.

    -Fue a Violet a quien la afecto más, recuerda.It all affected us as a team, but it was his project, which he was going to direct.I was very excited, but from nowhere he canceled the filming.

    The following year, Frank Pérez-Garland began to follow Sofia on Instagram.She was surprised that, in addition to following her, she writes her.They started talking and he told him that he felt bad about what had happened a year ago.That is, by disallowing filming.

    -He apologized for that, he told me not to feel good and I replied.I replied because it seemed to me bacán.I mean, it was still a patán, but he recognized him at least.At least he had noticed.And that's it that it started talking to me.

    Violet no intentó dirigir nuevamente.In fact, he decided to devote himself to something else.

    Three years have passed since then. Violet espera juntar un día la fuerza y la seguridad que le arrebataron para grabar, al fin, su primer cortometraje.

    -The issue itself is the frustration and trust that a woman loses for this control, for this psychological work and these qualifications that are not rational.They are qualifications that collapse you because you have not delivered your body, because you have not followed sexual games, because you have not followed the Jileos.

    When consulted by the writing method used by the filmmaker Frank Pérez-Garland, the renowned playwright and Mariana director of Althaus has stated no methodological references in this regard.In fact, he has cataloged it as a "strange" method.

    -The exercise itself seems strange.I have never seen anyone ask that.I don't know how that exercise could lead to a writing exercise that helps them express themselves, unless it was an exercise in erotic narrative literature, which I don't think it's the case.It seems very irresponsible to a university professor or a higher school that puts their students in such a situation, even worse when they express an discomfort and that he presses them.

    The film director: "As if you had never seen a pinga, Huevona"


    Suzanne ha producido algunas películas de Frank Pérez-Garland.In 2017, he stopped greeting.

    They met when she was still a university student;And he, a filmmaker whose popularity was on the rise.They stopped doing an interview.She, who was just over 20 years old, was interested in devoting himself to the cinema, so she decided to interview him.

    -When you just know him is very kind.It was super attentive, he treated us as if we were really journalists, with love.There was nothing strange, we felt comfortable and, in fact, we were admiring a little.

    At the end of university, he traveled abroad to perform a specialization. En el 2010 Suzanne estaba de regreso en Lima.So, a friend request for Facebook arrived.It was Frank Pérez-Garland.They talked general, until the film director told him that he preferred to continue the conversation by Skype.

    -He was in my apartment and he asks me to Skype.I remember that he asks me to get the camera, and I say: for what?And he tells me: nothing, to talk, we are friends, right?I turn on the camera and I was just in my room.The bed was seen in front and I say: hey, I have to go, I have stayed with someone to go out.He asks me: Who are you going to go with?Then he asks me: What clothes are you going to wear?Let's see, teach me what clothes are you going to wear.I imagine that you are dating a sexy panties, let's see, teach it.So it was weird, right?I told him no and then he came with a manipulation issue to tell me: oh, I didn't know that you were so conservative, the times are changing, women are stronger, it has nothing wrong with teaching me underwear, ¿Perhaps when you are on the beach you are not in bikini and everyone sees you?

    Suzanne tenía 24 años y le dijo que no.He preferred to believe that the film director was doing an investigation that would later become the input of one of his films.An artistic exploration, finally.

    -I told some people of the audiovisual medium and they told me that, as far as they knew, Frank was not writing a script about it.I was just starting in the middle, so I thought that was normal.At that moment I thought so, now I know that it is not.

    Three years later, they worked together in a movie.She began to work as a producer, he was already a popular filmmaker.

    -It was the first time I knew him working.He was very kind.He was a person who was always very kind, very interested in you, very worried.

    Esta experiencia hizo que Suzanne considere a Frank Pérez-Garland un amigo.

    -I have considered my friend until the moment I realized and opened my eyes on the manipulation that was happening.

    Before Facebook and Instagram allow stories to hang, that is, short videos that can be recorded by users, Snapchat was the application that fulfilled this function.

    -In 2016, when I record my second short film, that's where I begin to feel very strange with him.At that time, there was a social network called Snapchat.

    Snapchat allows you to send photos that are deleted automatically.

    -A of the first people we added was with Frank.We already had ourselves in all the other social networks, but what took me out of the picture was that he once asked me what color my underwear was.I told him not to fuck.He told me that his was red, but I was still not going to teach him and was not going to say.Suddenly, I leave the cell phone to do things.When I come back, I get out that I have a message from him.At the time of opening it, I see that it was a photo of its genitals.I couldn't believe it.When had it been asked?At what time have I given confidence at that level to send me that photo?There were many things that crossed my mind, I didn't understand it, and I just got out of there, I didn't answer.

    Suzanne asegura que el cineasta la empezó a llamar.

    -I did not answer my cell phone in plane mode.I started sending me messages.I didn't answer him, because I felt strange, I didn't know what to say, it was super strange.He started calling me insistently, he apologized, he told me that he thought there was that level of trust.He apologized if he had offended me, he told me that he was no longer going to happen again.It was so insistent that in the end I told him that it was already, that normal.He kept asking me if I was fine or if it had bothered me.I told him yes, that everything was fine, but I had discomfort with him, we kept seeing each other, but we no longer returned to work together.

    Stopped frequenting him as a friend. Apenas se cruzaban en eventos de cine, donde Suzanne repetía un incómodo Hola.

    -But came a point where until saying hello seemed uncomfortable, so I stopped greeting and it simply looked at each other as if we didn't know each other.There was no discussion in the middle of this, it was only like a space, little by little.I felt the same annoyed, and that annoyance began to be noticed over time, especially when I learned that I did the same to other people.There I also grabbed anger and rejection.

    Lorena and Pierina

    When he met Frank Pérez-Garland at a meeting, which was attended by invitation from a common friend, and received her friend application that same night on Facebook, Lorena did not perceive anything strange.She, an actress who had had roles on television, could be a reason for professional interest for a film director.

    On that occasion, they had an irrelevant exchange of messages.The following year, Pérez-Garland wrote him.He was interested in his work.He told him that he was choosing the actors who would form the cast of his next movie.It was the year 2013 when Lorena agreed to meet with him.They walked through the streets of Miraflores while the film director explained what he required as an actress.

    -I tell me that he liked to work intimacy in the characters.He stressed that he didn't casting, but was trying.That I wanted to try to see if I could go in the character.He told me: I don't have a place to fall.Normally, I use my parents' house for some essays, but now I will not be able to.So, nothing, tell me if I can go home.

    Until that time, Lorena considered that Pérez-Garland was a professional interested in her acting work.

    -A of the reasons why I also felt distrust was because he is a person very close to this friend (the one who invited her to the meeting where he met him).

    Lorena had not appeared in any film and the idea excited her.It was an important step in his acting career.

    To understand this story, we need to know the asymmetric relationship between a director and an actress.

    Pierina, who trained in a renowned acting school, explains it as follows.

    -They will always tell you, from your school: trust your director.Always.Trust your director, because he is the eye of outside, he has the voice, the last word.So, if I trust my director, supposedly, there is a very thin, very thin line, which I bet that 80% of actresses do not even know.To what extent can your director or someone else violate your privacy and intimacy?

    Therefore, when Frank Pérez-Garland told Lorena that her character would have to go out in a bikini or that there would even be a nude, she understood.

    -I told him there was no problem.If everything was justified, there was no problem with that.

    The next thing Pérez-Garland asked him is to learn a fragment of her and he, the last movie he had made.At the next meeting, Lorena had to perform scene 11 of the film.

    He did it, but the film director was dissatisfied with the result.

    -Then, I said the monologue.He told me: I think it's not working, I feel that it has to be much more intimate, much closer.He is your partner, you want to throw it to you, you want to catch it.I used these strong words, but used them in a context within work.It's like ‘free’, ‘open’, it's very explicit to speak and use sexual words in any context.

    In a seemingly spontaneous attempt to find the ideal location that allows the character to arise, Pérez-Garland stood up.

    "He stopped, started walking around my room, looking at my house and said: Can I enter your room?I told him yes, why not.

    He replied that he wanted to try an exercise.

    -It entered my room and said: Look, I'm going to throw myself in your bed.And he threw himself into my bed.He told me: I want you to go here with me, I want you to get into bed with me and tell me the text as if I were your partner.We are in bed and you want to throw me, but you love me, he told me, giving me the context of the story, that I don't even remember how it was, but I clearly remember that I had to do like he was my partner and the other indicationsThey were supposedly acting indications.Then, at that time there was something in me, there was a boost that this is rare, but since he was already sitting waiting, I said: Well, it's an exercise, right?I wouldn't have to be anything else.Well, I don't know this type of methods, but already.I threw myself and, indeed, I said the text like this, as is.I finish and he stared at me.He stopped immediately and said: that's, you see, that's.It's another thing, it's much more intimate.You have to get everything theatrical, much more personal.Didn't you feel it?He told me: Look, let's work that, let's go to the room and he gave me a couple of notes.There ended and left.

    At night, the filmmaker wrote him on WhatsApp.

    -He tell me: you really looked much more wife, you saw you wishing.You have to think about those things, like when you throw with your skinny, when you throw with a leg.I mean, I saw you and the truth that put me.He told me: that's what works for the character.Little by little he was releasing that kind of comments.I have given him a thousand laps and I don't know how he takes steps, how he advances without you really can do something.

    The second dynamic proposed by the film director was equally strange.

    -He said: Hey, do you remember that I told you that I need the characters to come out naked?I would like to take some photos.Not naked, no, but in swimwear, because it seems important to me.

    Then, he mentioned the name of a well -known actress he directed and with whom he had a sentimental bond.According to him, she had told him that the director and the photo director had to know the actress's body to know how they placed the lights, as they did the frame so that cellulite, the rolls and, finally, the actress did not notice and, finally, the actressDo not feel uncomfortable, or invaded, but look good on camera.

    -Now I think she never told her that, and if she told her she has completely taken it out of context.So, already giving me that preamble, like this actress also very good, well known, that I also really like it as an actress, already giving me that, she told me: Well, put on the bath clothes and take the photos.I have lent myself this camera to take the photos and see the angles, okay?

    Lorena put on the swimsuit.

    -Asalí and was wearing.Because it was rare to stop in front of him in my house, alone, with bath clothes, but I said: Well, now, this is so and I am not understanding it.I started taking the photos.He took a few and then told me: I can't find an angle.I started showing the photos and I didn't like.He told me: Let's see, get off the strips.I lowered my strips, and he grabbed and got me up too.

    There is a particularity in the approaches that Lorena remembers.

    -They are like: just in case I am not touching you, but I'm going to touch you, right?Can I, right?But the strip was already going down.He came with the patch that he was not doing anything.Your brain receives information that he is not doing anything.I'm not going to touch you, but I'm going to lower your strip, right?Then, then he told me: Oh, suddenly unbuttoned it, better, and I unbuttoned it, so that my back looks in some photos.He tells me: Ya, but, a little more and you have it outside, better remove it.I eat: already.So, I covered up, right?My rigid body was.He told me: But your, feel uncomfortable.Let's see, what can we do.Already, let's go to the shower and I am going to take photos from the top of the shower and I think that there are going to be brave.

    At the end of the photo shoot, the filmmaker told him that he should lose weight.

    -The next day, I went to the gym.

    If the director said it, she had to do it.Finally, I wanted to be the ideal character for the movie.

    Pierina - known actress and dancer - comments that, being in Lorena's situation, she would probably also have listened to the director.

    –You are putting your heart, your soul, your body, as a tool at the service of the character and the character he handles him.As they always told us at school: "Open your heart".If they teach you for four years of career that you must open your heart to your director, obviously the first thing you are going to do is want to fulfill that.

    And remember that approximately ten years ago, Frank Pérez-Garland, whom he did not know, wrote him.After a brief conversation, he asked for photos in Pajama and then in underwear.

    -I told him no.There was no trust relationship to ask me that.

    To her, as well as the other testimony, she wrote to her during the night.Pierina never sent her the photos she asked for.

    In this regard, the renowned Mariana playwright of Althaus affirms that the role of the director or director is a role of authority.

    -And of great responsibility, because we are in charge of people who, when working in theater or cinema, also put themselves in a situation of high vulnerability, precisely to be able to create, to act.So, our responsibility as directors is to respect their feelings, respect their emotions, work with responsibility with that vulnerability.Never take advantage of our power, our authority, to humiliate, to harass, to mistreat, nor to force something that can agree creatively, but that that person, that actress, or that actor, generates psychological, emotional, emotional damage.

    The film director's visits became more frequent to Lorena's house, under the pretext of the film.I told her that she was a precious person.That I really felt that the link that had been created between the two was very strong.

    -On the other side, when I felt uncomfortable, I thought: if I tell him something or if I do something, suddenly for him it is so easy to get rid that maybe he will simply tell me that I'm no longer in the movie.

    One day, Frank Pérez-Garland sent him a photo by Snapchat.When Lorena opened her, she discovered that it was the photograph of her penis.He told him that, as they had confidence of friends, he wanted opinions.

    Lorena, who was about to start the filming of the movie he would lead, tried to subtract importance to the subject and not comment.In the next meeting they had, he insisted.

    -I agree that it was an afternoon.He was stressed by the movie.I came and hugged me, I was left over, spoke to me and shed.I had already normalized that, as he behaved like this.Do you know what I felt?I felt that there was a impulse that had been cut, like an intrusion.I was there, like inert.Something was cut in me.I'm sorry when I speak it, I'm sorry in the uterus, as something was cut.

    At one point, Frank alluded to the photograph he had sent him by Snapchat.He told him that, although he had already seen his penis in photography, he had not told him what seemed to him.

    -I want, he told me, you really see her.Because, in addition, right now I am very arrested.He lowered his pants and taught me the pinga.So, I remember that I looked at it.He looked at him and he told me what do you think?

    Again, Lorena thought that if she gave importance to the situation, he would cease.But it was not like that.

    -He said: I know that you don't want to throw me, I know.I know that you don't want.But what I want you to do is to kneel and get in front of me and look at me.I'm not going to touch you or put anything.I just want you to kneel and get there, because I want to see how my pinga looks like with your face.

    -Then I did.I knelt and put on there, in front of his penis.And he stayed there for a while.He had it there for a while.I don't know what face I will have put.He told me now, okay.As if you had never seen a pinga, egg.

    Harassment and silence

    For a long time, sexual harassment has been considered one more expression of masculinity.The condition that generates in who suffers it does not always leave physical evidence, the one demanded by the commentators of violence, but of course it marks.Since September 2018, harassment is considered a crime in the Criminal Code.If this law were a person, I would still use a diaper.

    How did the system and society fail the testimony?Sophia Gómez is a clinical psychologist with a specialty in gender studies.For two years, he has been working in educational institutions - such as universities - on sexual harassment and harassment.

    -The times there is a lot of interest in knowing the profile of a person who harasses, but before defining the profile of a person who harass, we must see the profile of a society that allows harassment or naturalizes harassment, he mentions.

    Psychiatrist Marta Rondón explains that, although there is literature that remarks that stalkers look at "vulnerable people", that premise is not entirely true.

    -That's not so, they look at those people, but they also look at others.They throw their nets to see who falls.They are situations in which women are involved without having been a responsibility for them.Without responding to any particular characteristic of them.However, in women who go through this situation, most have feelings of guilt and a loss of security in itself.They stay wondering: What do I have?What have I done for that man to look at me?Many develop a symptom, which is to be vigilant all the time, so as not to give rise to them again such an ugly thing.

    After an Instagram account made public the systematic harassment that Frank Pérez-Garland would have committed, the film director launched two communications.

    The first, shared it through his personal Instagram, on August 31.

    He said: "I am a film director and professor for almost 20 years".And I continued: “I write this because I have to apologize.Today many complaints have appeared against me and I must confess that most are true ”.

    This message published in response to the complaints released by an Instagram account, which in a few weeks has added more than 4000 followers.The account is called Peruvian cinema stalkers and has made public anonymous complaints that involve recognized audiovisual medium characters.Through stories, the page shared the messages that came to them, without revealing the name of the complainants, who syndicated Frank Pérez-Garland as responsible for harassed them.In the messages, it reads:

    "He harassed me, was my teacher"."The people who work with him knew it, only that the eggs are made"."Yes, everyone who works with him knows".“He harassed me in classes, was my professor.I asked me for photos and talked about my body "."I kept insisting that I wanted us to come out.He was married and I didn't like "."He was expelled from Epic for this issue, he has been harassing various actresses and attendees for years."."If I'm not mistaken, they have expelled him from several educational centers for that."."He is not only a stalker, but he knows well how to manipulate"."He asked me to check the task by Skype, but when he turned on the camera he was running it".“In class he asked us to do an exercise.We had to tell him what excited us "."I was 19 years old.It was my teacher.I almost left the race for him.Stalker"."By Twitter inbox, he told me that he was going to put one in my name, that I had him crazy"."I was 17, I asked me for photos, I told him that I couldn't, he told me‘ you have to grow ’"."On the first day of school he did not know me, after he was harassed,"."I was with my friend who was her student and when he greeted her, she took her ass.".

    Each of these complaints belongs to a different person.That is, 15 women wrote the anonymous messages that spread this page.In the messages the word harass appears six times.

    In the statement, Pérez-Garland points out that "for a long time I have seduced intensely, and in some cases invasive, to classmates and students".

    The filmmaker mentions that “when he did he was not aware of the damage he caused, as well as the place he occupied.That is, my situation of power ".And he acknowledges: “I am a 45 -year -old professional and I have had to know.There is no excuse for my behavior and I know that many people who appreciate me must now be disappointed in me ”.

    Pérez-Garland asks for forgiveness to his close surroundings and the testimony."I deeply regret all the damage and discomfort that I have generated during these years.I ask my most sincere apologies to each of you, ”he says.

    After the publication of the message, the headlines of the media stated: "Frank Pérez-Garland: film director admits accusations of harassment towards students", or "Frank Pérez-Garland admits complaints of sexual harassment against students and ex-regional work companies".

    The next day, the Ministry of Women issued a statement.In it, they rejected "the acts of sexual harassment allegedly committed by the film director and professor Frank Pérez-Garland towards their students and classmates".In addition, they invoked the victims to call line 100 where, they reported, they would receive comprehensive attention so that they can report these acts in a police station.

    The Ministry recalled that sexual harassment is a crime and that it is another expression of gender violence "that puts at risk the integrity of women, so it cannot be normalized".And they mentioned that "sexual harassment is a crime that is typified in the Criminal Code".

    The Ombudsman's Office also manifested, demanding that the Prosecutor's Office open a “ex officio investigation for alleged sexual harassment”."We request to guarantee integrity of the victims, taking into account that there would also be minors," they said.

    The next day, Frank Pérez-Garland spoke again.This time, it retracted.Apparently, the communications issued by the Ministry of Women and the Ombudsman made him rethink the arguments he would use in his defense.

    "It is vital to clarify and specify some things," the second statement begins.“It has been indicated that I would have agreed to have sexually harassed several women and even reference is made to a minor.I sharply deny those accusations.And I say again to clarify that I have not accepted at any time I had committed acts of sexual harassment or grievance against a woman who has worked with me or has been my student ”.

    To Tatiana, this second statement seems disappointing.

    -What does not accept what he did with the name he is and that he still pretends that with his apologies he can remedy what he did.I don't understand how he never realized.I feel it was more chibola (young) than now, and maybe I can understand that I didn't know what to do.But he is already big, he's super old.I feel that he knew what he was doing, but he simply wanted to do it.

    Pérez-Garland wielded other arguments.He wrote: "I agreed to have seduced and have been excessively gallant with some women, and in some cases, have had tone conversations, but always in a consensual way".

    -It has given me so much anger his last statement.There is a very clear issue, that if you are a person with some power and notes clearly that there is someone quite minor and quite vulnerable who admires you, the correct way is not to take advantage of that to meet your needs, says Estefanía, who adds to theTestimony to state that he was also a victim of manipulation and abuse of power at the hands of film director.

    In the statement, Pérez-Garland was defined as intense and invasive, but not as a stalker.“I reiterate that I have never harassed or aggrieved a woman and less acted having a not in between.In all cases, without any exception, I have received the consent and consent of the other person.Again: I accept my mistakes and apologize for them, perhaps sometimes I was intense or invasive, but I have never crossed the line of getting to harass a woman ”.

    -Right I feel that he didn't care if you answered or not, or what did you answer.I had to vomit him.I don't know how or from where his way of saying is agreed, Paola wonders after reading that text.At no time told me: Hey, I'm going to light the camera, do you want to see my penis?He sent Skype's invitation and automatically what I see first is that, the same with the phone's message, remember.

    In relation to the silence that validates this type of behavior, Mariana de Althaus explains that, in part, it is because there is the tendency to believe the stalker.

    -The matter of silence occurs in all countries, in all areas.There is a pact that has always allowed these men to operate that way.We all know them, we all know them and we have accepted it for a long time as a modus operandi that is allowed to some teachers, usually prestigious, usually White.There is no mechanism for censorship or surrounding pressure.And, on the other hand, even those who did not know what this was happening and now they find out, they will always tend to believe the stalker more.That is a worldwide trend that is happily changing, but the tendency is to think that it is collective hysteria, which are a group of girls who die for him and harassed him and surely they sent photos to him and as he did not respond,They have all vain together.That is a trend.Always pensamos que las mujeres tienen la culpa; las histéricas, las provocadoras, las vengativas.It is a stigma that the patriarchy has been in charge of putting the woman and collaborates precisely with the silence

    Althaus is one of the few theater directors who have manifested around this and other similar issues.

    -Why do you think so many directors, producers and actors well positioned in the environment prefer not to get involved?

    –Because they do not want to lose the director's favors that has prestige, who has contacts, which has power in the film industry.On the other hand, he works in a very, very successful company of commercial cinema, which ensures a very profitable job to many actors and actresses.Therefore, if I am an actor, actress or filmmaker, I do not want to erase with this company.People put on a balance, and obviously prefer to remain silent, make the madman and not enharge with possible future employers.On the other hand, most people do not want to stain their hands, let's say, they don't want to get into this type of topics.It is complicated, it seems very complex, they do not want to put their hands on the fire for anyone, they prefer to stay out.And, also, because there are many men who have a straw tail, they know that at this time they should not point to Frank Pérez-Garland, because sooner or later they could also accuse them of something.

    Business logic, says of Althaus, has certain demands that prioritize gain against ethics.

    -At the same time the business logic requires not worrying too much about the ethical behavior of its workers so as not to stop productive machinery.Being totally consistent with its principles would perhaps imply actions that could harm their profits, such as withdrawing the productions of the accused or moving it from future and profitable films.

    The producer

    The Tondero company, which has produced numerous feature films by Frank Pérez-Garland, shared a statement pointing out that they reject “any act of harassment or abuse against women”.They expressed, regarding the complaints, their solidarity "with each of the women who have been involved in unacceptable situations, and if they were established by justice, properly sanctioned".

    However, the CEO of Tondero, Miguel Valladares, gave the statement of apologies issued by Frank Pérez-Garland.In social media time, that does not sound exactly a sanction.What Tondero did not mention is what will happen to the contractual commitments that he maintains with the filmmaker, nor what concrete measures will take to prevent and sanction sexual harassment, as well as their workers who incur that crime.

    In January of this year, Tondero Distribution and Trinity Entertainment announced that they were in search of new partners to close a new project, the Infanto-Ajvenile series “Melody: The Metro girl”, where Frank Pérez-Garland is one of the creators.Tondero has not yet informed if Pérez-Garland will continue to be part of this or its other productions.

    The guilds

    Through varying communications, the guilds of the audiovisual sector have agreed to reject harassment, but few have announced concrete measures to prevent and punish it.

    The Association of Cinematographic Producers of Peru (APCP), of which Frank Pérez-Garland was a part, reported that they had received the film director's resignation letter."We regret and condemn these acts and solidarity with the victims who have suffered this unfortunate conduct," they mentioned."This is time to start generating change," they acknowledged.

    The Volunteer of filmmakers (AVC) took a step further and described the practices of Frank Pérez-Garland as "systematic".They mentioned that it is clear "that what happened is sexual harassment and must be prosecuted according to the law".They demanded concrete measures to stop these criminal behaviors."The audiovisual training spaces, training, cultural management, filming and others must have anti -harassment protocols".In addition, they called "schools and universities to implement mechanisms to process complaints from their students and concrete and public actions to fight against a repudiable and unsustainable situation" are initiated ".

    Cinefilia Peru demanded that stalkers be “retired from the work spaces that give them this power.Support or silence in the face of complaints affect all the safe and integral participation of women in the audiovisual sector ”.

    For its part, the Association of Audiovisual Women, has expressed concern about “the academic institutional rotation that Frank Pérez-Garland has had.As well as its constant presence in festivals and film spaces ”.

    The universities

    The Lima School of Film and Arts (EPIC), where Frank Pérez-Garland was a teacher, has also issued a statement by stating that they have a regulation “for the prevention and sanction of sexual harassment, and with a committee established to act immediatelyFaced with any complaint, either from a worker or a student of the institution in the face of some type of harassment, harassment or violence ”.

    They acknowledged that Pérez-Garland was a teacher during the 2014 II cycle, but that the dictation of the course did not conclude because he retired from the institution.They did not share the reasons that motivated their departure.It is likely that, to inform them in time, the UCAL students would not have experienced the sad experiences narrated here.

    Carolina hopes that producers and educational spaces, such as Epic, prepare commitments and have clear regulations that sanction harassment.

    -In the audiovisual scope this type of attitudes predominate.So, I really hope some kind of mechanism, not this type of communications they take, saying: "We sympathize with the victims", which in the end is something quite empty.But mechanisms are implanted to denounce these types of situations, which is known in advance that the harassment is denounced.That is something super clear, because you don't know where to go, you don't know how to act.Go where the coordinator, and the coordinator does nothing.You approach where the chief of production of the film, and does nothing.I mean, everyone knows how such a person is a stalker and they do nothing.That's crazy and you have to stop.

    The statement of the Action Study of Leonardo Torres Vilar, one of the few artistic institutions that expressed his honest regret and recognized his responsibility against the facts, as well as the concrete measures they would take to avoid and punish harassment,.“We are committed to being much more careful with the choice of our external teachers.Everything that happens within the place of El Estudio is our responsibility ”.

    The University of Sciences and Arts of Latin America (UCAL), through an internal statement aimed at the educational community, entitled “Do not be silent,” said he had made “the immediate separation of Mr. Pérez-Garland”.As mentioned, fortunately "this case has become public", suggesting that they did not know these practices.They claim to have "a shared responsibility to build a better society"."We need clear policies and act with zero tolerance, which is absolutely committed".And they add: "We remind you that we have the ethical line as a formal complaint channel, which is anonymous and available 24 hours a day".

    At the time, Rafael, student of the institution, denounced that Frank Pérez-Garland mistreated him, but did not get an answer.

    -I approached the people in charge of the university at that time, to the high controls, and I said: look, this behavior cannot be.And you know what they told me?: “I was surely not taking their pills.Ha ha ha".That was the comment.I was totally unprotected by my university.

    The comment related to the pills refers to the rivotril, a drug with anxiolytic properties, highly addictive, of which Pérez-Garland was consumer.

    The law against sexual harassment

    The Public Ministry has opened an ex officio investigation against Frank Pérez-Garland, as the alleged perpetrator of the crime of harassment, to the detriment of their students and classmates.

    Cynthia Silva is a teacher in gender and criminal law issues.As explained, universities must be governed by the Law on the Prevention and Sanction of Sexual Hosting.This law determines that each university must have a procedure that is sanctioned to those who commit this kind of crimes.When it comes to teachers, in addition, it has been established that the sanction is dismissal or expulsion.However, the reason for its departure from the institution must be explicit.

    -This, they can't just say goodbye.Given the knowledge of this type of behavior, it is not that "well, then we no longer want to count on your services".But the contractual bond has to break for a penalty, not simply for a dismissal or for stopping having your services or not renewing the contract.This is important to say it, because it is not the same to leave because my contract was over or because the cycle ended, to go out with a sanction that also reflects this sexual harassment that the girls denounce.

    For Brenda Álvarez, a specialist lawyer in the defense of women's rights, it is necessary that the Ministry of Women, the Prosecutor's Office and the other institutions involved carry out a case -by -case analysis.

    -Ance 2018, sexual harassment was not a crime, this implies that the facts before that date cannot be persecuted for that crime.However, each case should be analyzed to identify whether or not to be denounced for a different or in force for that time.And, in addition, that these crimes have not prescribed.

    Evelyn Esquivel, lawyer and investigator in critical law studies, explains that in these cases it is obeyed to a principle that in law calls the irretroactivity of the criminal law.

    -This means that, if the behavior denounced did not exist as a crime at the time the events happened, and then the crime is created, they cannot impute you, because at the time you committed it, it did not exist as such.

    When asked about the possibility of litigating the case by civil via, Esquivel mentions that a civil liability demand for moral damage could be filed.In that case, what would have to be demonstrated is the damage to the psyche.

    -it is a little more complex to explain, but specifically, the issue of civil liability -which is an edge of civil law -revolves around the analysis of the existence of damage.Unlike the criminal field, here the most relevant will be to prove that it was perpetrated;as well as its direct causality with the harmful fact, awarded to the allegedly responsible person.The prescription period to file the claim would be two years, as it is an extra -contractual civil liability case, in accordance with the provisions of section four of article 2001 of the Civil Code.

    Sophia Gómez emphasizes that laws are a reflection of the time.

    -Our time is crossed by this patriarchal system that allows men and the masculine deciding on the body of women and there is also the side of masculinity constructions.A man in our society can be understood as a person who insists.

    Marieliv Flores, Director of Activism of the Hyperdech Organization, defines the cyberbullying as follows.

    -According to Decree 1410, it identifies it as some action where a person is looking for an approach to another person, without this second having requested it.An approach that alters the normal development of their daily activities.It is interesting because there is not necessarily talking about a repetition of the action, but there is some kind of affectation in the person.

    Affectations such as those related by the testimony.

    In March of this year, the Association of Audiovisual Women published “Labor Harass.48% had been physically underestimated or received negative comments about their body.More than 50% had been underestimated intellectually.65% had witnessed harassment situations.An important 80% consider that machismo and the situations of harassment and violence have harmed them in their professional development.

    Among the reasons why they do not report, are the fear of losing their jobs, that they will be harmed, to the normalization of harassment, to the indifference of their peers or to which harassment occurred a long time ago.Several of the complaints, the association warned at the time, were against professionals who participated in educational spaces.



    Several years have passed.Fear has not gone.Simply weighs less.

    Lorena shut up because she knew that, if she spoke, her career as an actress could be harmed.

    -I was afraid that he not only took me out of the movie -who was already very excited to do that project -I was not only afraid that he will get me out, but also to close the doors in other works, because he worked withLarge producers, because I knew theater people, I was afraid of that.

    The fear of many of the testimony was to be vetoed in the growing Peruvian film industry, where Frank Pérez-Garland had-and has-power.A power that, they expect, decreases.

    -I didn't have that power over me as when I was smaller and I was starting. Yo ya había comenzado a tener un camino sola, afirma Suzanne.

    Marisol felt that he could talk about the harassment he lived after understanding that he was not the only one.

    -I wrote two more cases about Frank and that's why I dared to speak.Until that moment I believed that I had to take care of the things I had to say, because I did not know what point I could, how much I could harm me, I was afraid to stay without work, I was afraid that the doors will be closed, becauseAs I said, he knows everyone.There was really a lot of fear.

    For the psychologist Sophia Gómez, it must be remembered that women in general - not only because of the theme of harassment - have had a very difficult story to access educational places.And not only to access, but also to exercise.

    -He is a very perceptual person, you have to smile at him, for him there is no middle ground.Or you are with him or you are against him. Entonces, si no le sonríes, te odia, te tacha y te saca, él tiene el poder de sacar gente, si tienes un cargo pequeño, él puede hablar mal de ti y te saca, identifica Suzanne.

    Estefanía, who acknowledges that he suffered abuse of power from the filmmaker, considers that it is necessary for the film director to leave spaces of power.

    -Spacios where you can continue accumulating and collected victims.I think they have to take away any possibility of continuing to teach, directing, having contact with women.That they take away any possibility of power.

    Lorena agrees.You need to be sure that they will be the last.

    -What never again in his life he will be able to do the same thing that he did to us, or close to anyone.That all this is known publicly and that he is exposed to other girls learning, that when they have a predator nearby they know how to identify.That never allow a type of that caliber to approach them for more power that has.I do not want these things to be repeated and continue to happen, because just like him, there is a lot.

    Suzanne menciona que todas las productoras deberían tomar medidas concretas, como no trabajar con personas que acosen.

    -What those who have to run out of them are them, not us, not their victims.

    Estefanía, Marisol, Tatiana, Micaela, Carolina, Pierina, Sofía, Suzanne, Violet, Paola, Rocío, Lorena son los nombres utilizados para proteger las identidades de las testimoniantes.

    Rodrigo, Rafael and Carmen, the witnesses, also requested that their identities be maintained under reserve.

    Who writes this text contacted Frank Pérez-Garland.He replied that he is not giving interviews since the fiscal investigation related to harassment complaints began, but that his official version is the one that appears in the Instagram statement released on Wednesday, September 2, September 2.

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