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The outfit that we use in the sacraments is not a matter of tendency or vanity, but a form of language that can also express great feelings and meanings from the visual

For both baptism and first communion we use special outfits, so for confirmation, it shouldn't be different.

However, there is a big difference (at least for most).In the first two sacraments, our parents choose what we are going to use, but in confirmation, we are already more adults and, although of course there are certain norms that must be followed, we have some more freedom to make our.

A semi-formal outfit is ideal, since it respects the solemnity of confirmation, but also has that touch of modesty and humility that characterizes the Catholic faith.It is not a normal day in the church, but neither does a disco departure.

If we are guided by liturgical colors, that of confirmation should be red, because it symbolizes when the apostles were confirmed by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, giving them courage to continue their path of faith.

However, if you do not feel comfortable or comfortable using it, you can opt for white, which symbolizes light, joy and purity.That is why it is the one used in baptism and first communion.

Pastel tones can also be an option (preferably used solidly and not in striking prints).

Notes for women

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- As in other sacraments, remember that, if you are going to wear a skirt or dress, the length should not be shorter than a finger above the knee.Also, your shoulders, back and chest should be covered.

- It is important to look at the type of fabric and that is not transparent or too tight.

- Use adequate underwear for the occasion (no children, visible bralettes, etc).

- You can wear a red dress with neutral closed shoes.

- If you prefer a set, you can combine red and white.For practicality and to be concentrated in the act and not if the pants or skirt is stained, I suggest that the lower piece is red and combined with a white blouse.

- Avoid dark colors (especially black).

- Ideally, wear formal closed shoes (no shoes) and low or medium heel.But if it is in summer and it is too hot, you can use strips sandals that are not so finite (there are those who wear closed shoes for the ceremony and then change them for family celebration, it is also a good option).

- Although red is the liturgical color, ensure that your manicure and pedicure is rather of neutral and classic tones.

- Use a simple makeup and neutral tones.Nor is the moment of the red lipstick or of the cat's eyes -type delineated.

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- Don't forget the hairstyle.Remember that the priest will grow your forehead with oil, so it is better to wear the hair collected and avoid the bangs (if you have nothing, you can pick it up with the help of side hooks or back).

- Keep your accessories as simple as possible.Avoid pieces that generate noise (bracelets that clash, for example) and you can use your baptism medal (a beautiful way to honor the beautiful link between the two sacraments), of the Virgin or the saint of your devotion.You can also opt for jewelry or simple heart jewelry to symbolize the reception of the Holy Spirit in your heart and the reception of its seven gifts.

Notes for men

- There are not as many options as in the case of women.The ideal is to wear a suit (it can be navy blue or light beige) but wearing a red tie (if stamped, that is something classic like stripes).

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- If it's too hot, you can omit the suit jacket.

- Wear dress shoes (neither does any sports shoes).

- You can look for dumbbells or clock with a special meaning, whether they have a religious reason or that belong to your confirmation godfather or a member of your family that has been essential in your Catholic formation.

- You can also include your medal or baptism crucifix.

- Save in one of your pockets a stamp of the saint of your devotion or the Holy Spirit.

- Visit to barber a few days before.

Although spiritual preparation is more important, confirmation is still a visible act, so the clothes we wear is also relevant, not only as a sample of respect, but also as a way of expressing our devotion and the importance that it isWe give the sacrament that we are about to receive from another type of language: the visual.

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