By clothing-bag, 01/08/2022

A woman took out her dress and used it as Barkijo to enter a ice cream shop now resigned Máximo Kirchner: "It is better to step aside"

A woman surprised everyone in the Mendoza town of Godoy Cruz when she took her dress in the middle of a ice cream shop to place it like Tapabocas.The incident occurred in a well -known ice cream chain located on Italy Street Corner Río Mendoza, of that city Cuyana.

The woman arrived at 22:40 on Saturday with the intention to buy ice cream, along with 11 more people, in a group of friends.Since she, nor none of the others brought Barbijo, the woman decided to use her own dress to put it as if it were an anti -infected health element of Coronavirus, according to the local media Diario Mendoza.

Therefore, the woman entered with the protocol dress, but in underwear, despite the fact that the other people who were inside the place looked at her with a sowful of strangeness.Also, a family that made a purchase of ice cream saw the dantesque scene that this woman starred in underwear.A man and his three daughters fell into the.

In the security cameras you can see the exact moment in which the woman gets her garment, enters the ice cream shop and prepares to see the ice cream tastes she wanted to take for her and her 11 friends, who had no chin If clothes.

Una mujer se sacó el vestido y lo usó como barbijo para entrar a una heladería AHORA Renunció Máximo Kirchner:

When the employees of the place asked the woman to withdraw from the ice cream shop, she made a grim and rude gesture, and she snapped at the employees: "Don't you ask me for tapping? I am placing it to me".After that, the woman raised her arms and left.

In the end, the group of friends was able to buy the 11 cucuruchos of three bacchs each later, according to the local newspaper.

Thus the woman was underwear in the middle of a ice cream shop

A man put on a bombshell like tapping and was lowered from the plane

An unusual act starred in a passenger who approached a flight in the state of Florida to the American city of Washington DC, when it was lowered from the plane to carry a thong like Barbijo, as a protest on the federal mandate law of using tapping dueto the Covid-19 Pandemia and in the middle of the expansion of cases by the omicron variant.

"It's nonsense.COVID-19 does not know that we are at an altitude of cruise.It is stupid, it is all theater, "Adam Jenne (38), the protagonist of the unusual made at Fort Lauderdale airport, was justified to the NBC 2 television channel.


According to The New York Post, Jenne said it wasn't the first time she converted "red panties" into a tapping above a plane."Each flight I found different crew reactions.Some with a wild appreciation and other comfort ".

United Airlines justified the decision not to let the passenger travel."The client clearly did not comply with the federal mandate of masks and we appreciate that our team has approached the problem on land before takeoff, avoiding possible interruptions in the air," said the airline.Know all the details of this note.