By clothing-bag, 03/08/2022

The tail, the wolf, and the new man?- Vanguard

At three o'clock in the afternoon of January 24, a baby of about two months bought nine boxes of three palms from my nose.I swear for my grandmother.Wrapped in a blue quot, surrendered between the arms of his teenage mother, it was the "safe -conduct" to evade the row that grew, fast as a shot, when it was learned that, after I don't know how long, they would sell "buccanero" in the storeSiboney.

The mother, teenager with a loose tongue, is so a child that I came to think that it could be the sister.The baby does not cry or open her eyes, although she speaks tall and with hard phrases such as executioners, because she needs everyone to deduce that the tip of the tail is her place and that she will not move it or a Japanese typhoon.

After the counter, an employee soaked in sweat lowers the boxes.About 20 or 25, calculate.In front of me they only await the "girl" that carries the boy;a lady who tells about her pregnant daughter's cravings - who will buy him five malts;A grandfather of dark meats and small eyes that at all times registers his shirt pocket, draws a three cuc ticket and saves it again;A short blonde, and my mother and me ...

—The maximum is 24 cans per person.Who is the first?


La cola, el lobo, y ¿el hombre nuevo? - Vanguardia

With the baby also comes his grandmother.The grandmother has just turned off the cell phone and, with her raised hand to see her from the street, warn a mulatto that entered with two girls.Another one arrived, like choking with cinnamon powder, and stands between the grandmother - the teenage mother retired to breastfeed the baby, standing, lying on a wall - and the lady of the pregnant daughter.With her he brought a man who does not look in front of anyone, and who asked him to shut up and not respond to the short blonde when he asked that "how long the hard face".The last to join clicked our fingers and dedicated a grimace of disgust.

—Maritza, get here, so you take your box.

And Maritza, who only passed by, smiled with sorrow and even hesitated when he took the first step.But the short blonde shouted that he would have to pass over him.A former professor of the University spoke of laws and mentioned Martí, "wounded to death," if he saw the Cuban turned into the wolf of his people.At the bottom of the tail, a nurse threatened to call the police.

"Mami, remember that the child also has the right to a box, don't let yourself be your feet!"

The horde did theirs and left there with the loot on the shoulders.The baby never cried.And I was surprised, countered by my own feeling of repulsion, silently hating people who never saw a "girl" who loaded a child;injured by human miseries, violence and outrage, which nobody seems to hurt or, at least, not enough.

It is already normal to crush us.We even recognize that we will only have the opportunity if the "mob" leaves us something, if you want to do it, if there was too much ... but it never happens.

In a store ration, and in another they sell to fill bags.The "chosen" know, three days in advance, where they will get detergent, tomato paste, disposable clusters, colony, five pesos soap, soda, wet towels, cubes, cement, paint, paint.Whatever.They know it because the information is gold and as such it is paid.They do it because the greatest mirage of abundance in this city is an illegitimate market to which we go, as dazzled moles, to buy at ridiculous prices what they take us out in state establishments.

What a pity of laws that weigh less than a macula of dust!

Government discourse waiting for the reverde of citizen consciousness and collective solidarity, and inflation - patented with vampires -, at the bottom of the problem.Liborio, looted and sunk in salary accounts that will never reach, meanwhile, in the daylight, the same characters will fall markets without the police or inspectors - so ethéreos, considered, almost, simple urban legends - impose, prohibit and control.Anarchy for some and three -round belt for others? Condescendants for incapacitates?Even when?

The one on January 24, at three in the afternoon, must have been the fourth tail of the baby "Zapador" in his mother's arms "Girl".That day, in the boulevard, there was also beer, Vita Nova and detergent.

He, so innocent!, Violated and exposed to the will of others.Like us, tolerant adults, liabilities and resigned.